problem with virtualdomain

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Mon Jun 4 08:26:32 EDT 2007

JOYDEEP wrote:
> Thanks for your kind response. yes I am logged in as cyrus.
> here is  /etc/hosts
> ------------------------------
> lvps87-230-8-228
>       localhost
> ------------------------------------------

Cyrus-imapd does a reverse lookup of the IP address you are connecting
from, discards the first part and then uses the rest as your domain.

If your are connecting over localhost, I can only guess that it is
getting in response, discarding opendingo and logging you
in as cyrus at com.  Hence only allowing you to administer the com domain.

Temporarily replace your /etc/hosts file with:	localhost

and try again with cyradm --user cyrus localhost

Or is it possible to stick with virtdomains: userid ?


virtdomains: [userid|yes]

With virtdomains: userid, the userid with @domain determines who the
person is and what mailbox they should get. With yes, either the @domain
or the IP address is used to determine this


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