sieve-connect updated for Cyrus 2.3.11

Phil Pennock info-cyrus-spodhuis at
Wed Dec 26 21:46:35 EST 2007

This concerns sieve-connect (nee sieve_connect), my STARTTLS-capable
replacement for sieveshell which supports scripting, tab-completion, 
client certificate authentication, etc.

The sieve-connect command-line client has been updated to handle
timsieved in Cyrus 2.3.11, which sends an unsolicited CAPABILITY
response after STARTTLS finishes.

There have been various updates since I last posted about the script,
but they weren't germane to Cyrus IMAP therefore I kept quiet.  It's
packaged up into an installable tarball (for the Debian folks, who
requested this); it works on MacOS now, and also works with the MIT
Kerberos client libraries (as opposed to Heimdal, which I develop

File is, at time of writing, "sieve-connect-0.43.tar.bz2" and may be
obtained from:
where there is also a PGP signature of the tarball.  The index page only
shows the most recent version but older versions do exist in that
directory.  Full changelog available at site.


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