Plugging into the imap system

Adam Tauno Williams adam at
Wed Dec 26 09:37:37 EST 2007

> > If you are using linux, maybe you can use inotify-tools to notify you of 
> > any change in cyrus' spool. 
> Be aware that the files on disk are created _before_ the index record,
> so you need to wait or poll until the index record has had a chance to
> be created.
> Even if you capture the "append" event on the cyrus.index file itself,
> you still won't see the new record until the 'exists' record in the
> index header is updated.

I think all these proposed solutions are hacks.  My question is, and
I've wondered this for awhile, is why the notifyd process seems so
worthless.  If notifyd could simply send notifications to a socket then
any site could just write a client to open the socket to listen and do
whatever, or nothing, they wanted to do with the notifications.  (That
and the documentation for notifyd is really scant.)
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