Cyrus on Solaris at universities?

Michael Bacon baconm at
Thu Dec 13 10:08:51 EST 2007

UNC is.  75k+ users (a lot inactive and needing to be deleted), 10.8 TB 
mail.  Sun 6800 (though with two eight processor Sparc IV processor boards 
on it, so it's halfway to a 6900), 48 GB RAM tied a Cisco Unity SAN.  We're 
due for new hardware sometime in the next six months or so, and we haven't 
figured out what our setup is going to be.

Duke also is (used to work there too), and to the best of my knowledge is 
still on a SunFire 1280 with eight processor boards and something like 50k 
users.  They're also going to be moving to something new sometime soon, but 
they may have someone on this list, so I'll let them chime in.


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> Just wondering what other universities are runing Cyrus on Solaris?
> We know of:
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