Anyone use MAIL::IMAPClient?

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at
Tue Dec 11 07:42:03 EST 2007

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, Peter Reuter?s might have said:

> > So I am not able to set \Seen as the cyrus user in a normal user's account
> > and have that normal user seen the setting of the \Seen flag?
> >
> > If so, I can see where that makes sense, but *really* what I need at the
> > moment. I had a glitch this morning and all *.seen files were corrputed.
> > I shutdown the server, removed the *.seen files, started the server, and
> > now want to reset \Seen for all my users.
> You should be able to solve this with authuser. Check the code for
> imapsync ( that uses
> Mail::IMAPClient for an example.

Thank you. I'll check this now.


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