PostgreSQL support for SASL

Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at
Mon Dec 10 04:37:27 EST 2007

Ken Murchison pisze:
> Andrzej Kwiatkowski wrote:
>> Hello.
>> On my page
>> is now available version of Cyrus Sasl library patch
>> for  version 2.1.22.
>> After applying this patch you can use PostgreSQL as
>> auth mechanism, and use this backend without PAM.
>> Next step is to create the same patch for MySQL.
> Am I missing something?  We've had MySQL and PgSQL sasldb code for quite 
> a while.  This code can support ALL SASL mechanisms, where saslauthd can 
> ONLY support plaintext mechanisms.


ok, but in this model i can't use two backends at one time,

f.e. Cyrusadmin i sasldb, users in SQL.

I need this feature, and this is why i'm using saslauthd,.

Second reason is that sasl auxprop sql doesn't support mixed usernames
(in one db users with realm and without realm).

Third reason is that sasl support one digest scheme. With this patch 
saslauthd support this password schemas in such format {SCHEME}value

{CRYPT},{UNIX} and with-openssl {MD5},{SMD5},{SHA},{SSHA},{SHA1},{SSHA1}.


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