Squirrelmail with Cyrus

Rafael Mahecha mahecha at jsums.edu
Fri Dec 7 09:35:18 EST 2007

Good morning.
I think it would depend on what your cyrus/sendmail is
using (pam, etc.)
Then, in the squirrelmail config (./config.pl) you
configure the imap server address and there is a setting asking for login
(authentication) type; e.g., login, plain, cram,etc.

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On Fri, December 7,
2007 6:05 am, BipinDas-Ditro wrote: 
> DearList 
> I am
building a new server with Cyrus/Sendmail/Squirrelmail. Let me know 
how I configure the Squirrelmail to authenticate with Cyrus. 
> To be
simple,If I create a user in Cyrus,How can I login through 
Squirrelmail. What should be the configuration settings to be done ? 
> Thanks in Advance. 
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