cyrus-murder-2.2: frontend does not connect to backend

Frank Purmann fpurmann at
Thu Dec 6 02:50:33 EST 2007

>> I have installed cyrus-imap-2.2, cyrus_murder-2.2, cyrus-admin-2.2,
>> cyrus-pop3d-2.2, sasl2-bin, libhtml-parser-, cyrus-clients-2.2,
>> libsasl2-modules on a debian etch 32bit.
>> Mupdate works fine and the backend servers too. On the front end I can
>> (which is as I understand is done locally) but I can not SELECT the
>> The error messages says in imap: NO Server(s) unavailable to complete
>> operation
>> It seems that it can not access/connect/find the backend server. The
>> in syslog says:
>> Dec  5 16:53:08 vm-front32 cyrus/imap[12085]: connect(vm-imap32) failed:
>> Invalid argument
>> Which means that at least the backend server name (vm-imap32) is known.
>> is also possible to access the mailbox with imtest -u xxx -a xxx
>> from the frontend.
>> The relevant entries in imapd.conf are listed below:
>> Frontend/imapd.conf:
>> proxyservers: cyrus
>> vm-imap32_password: xxx
>> vm-imap32_mechs: PLAIN LOGIN
>> proxy_authname: cyrus
>> proxy_password: xxx
>> Backend/imapd.conf:
>> proxyservers: cyrus
>> proxy_authname: cyrus

>On the backend, is the user "cyrus" listed as an admin in imapd.conf?

>Also, what do you see in the logs on the backend when you see the error 
>"connect(vm-imap32) failed: Invalid argument"?
> 	Andy

Yes, cyrus is listed as admin in imapd.conf on the backend. The logs on the
backend do not show anything, I think that the frontend can not connect to
the backend. However I can connect to the backend from the frontend with

Meanwhile I saw that Arnaud at posted the same question in
April this year here. He could not solve the problem and switched to another
version. Probably this package has a bug.


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