cyrus-murder-2.2: frontend does not connect to backend

Frank Purmann fpurmann at
Wed Dec 5 11:17:51 EST 2007

I have installed cyrus-imap-2.2, cyrus_murder-2.2, cyrus-admin-2.2,
cyrus-pop3d-2.2, sasl2-bin, libhtml-parser-, cyrus-clients-2.2,
libsasl2-modules on a debian etch 32bit.


Mupdate works fine and the backend servers too. On the front end I can login
(which is as I understand is done locally) but I can not SELECT the mailbox.
The error messages says in imap: NO Server(s) unavailable to complete


It seems that it can not access/connect/find the backend server. The message
in syslog says:

Dec  5 16:53:08 vm-front32 cyrus/imap[12085]: connect(vm-imap32) failed:
Invalid argument


Which means that at least the backend server name (vm-imap32) is known. It
is also possible to access the mailbox with imtest -u xxx -a xxx vm-imap32
from the frontend.


The relevant entries in imapd.conf are listed below:



proxyservers: cyrus

vm-imap32_password: xxx

vm-imap32_mechs: PLAIN LOGIN

proxy_authname: cyrus

proxy_password: xxx




proxyservers: cyrus

proxy_authname: cyrus



on both servers testsaslauthd -u cyrus -p xxx is successful.



At the moment I'm completely stuck and I have no idea where to look. Any
help or suggestions are welcome.


Frank Purmann


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