cyradm won't work.

Kuhlemann, Stefan sk at
Wed Dec 5 05:36:59 EST 2007

Hi mailinglist...

(again a newbie question ahead ;-) )

At the moment I am experimenting with cyrus, running on fedora 7. 

cyradm stopped working.

> cyradm --user cyrus --auth plain --server localhost
> cyradm: cannot connect to server

The system worked fine now for a week or so. Since I had no time to
further test cyrus due heavy work-load the last few days, there aren't
any (known) changes regarding the testinstallation made by myself up to
Cyrus-master and the corresponding sub-processes are running, I also
restarted them with no error. Logs also show no error-message.

Any hints, where to start to figure out the reason, why cyradm won't
connect to the server-process?

Thanks for your help in advance....


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