autocreate and autosieve patches for 2.3.9?

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Thu Aug 30 17:03:52 EDT 2007

David Newman wrote:
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> Previously I installed cyrus 2.3.7 from FreeBSD ports (this is on
> FreeBSD 6.2-RELENG) and applied autocreate and autosieve patches
> following the instructions given here:
> However, upgrading to cyrus 2.3.9 fails. The site's most recent
> patches are for 2.3.8. When I tried applying those patches on version
> 2.3.9, I got the errors pasted below at the end of this message.
> I can successfully upgrade to 2.3.9 using the portupgrade command but
> not with those patches. As a result Squirrelmail login attempts return
> this error:
> Bad request: The IMAP server is reporting that plain text logins are
> disabled. Using CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5 authentication instead may work.
> Also, the use of TLS may allow SquirrelMail to login. Please contact
> your system administrator and report this error.

At least I think I can answer this one; PLAIN is disabled by default 
from 2.3.9. The failed login attempt is not a result of failed patches.
Also, there ought to be a switch for this in imapd.conf although I did 
not look.
For the UOA patches, let's give them some more time...

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