sieve and vacation?

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at
Tue Aug 28 17:47:21 EDT 2007

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Michael Menge might have said:

> Hi,
> You can dump the contens of the deliver.db to an textfile and recreat  
> it, but this is not needed at all.
> The deliver.db is used for two things.
> 1. First suspress dublicated delivery of emails and
> 2. remember to which email adress an vacation message has ben send.
> deleting deliver.db would result in the following
> 1. the user could receve an email a second time in some rare cases if  
> you MTA recieves the same massage because of an loop.
> 2. an user would recieve an vacation message befor the ':days' days
> Since 1 is not a problem and 2 is what you whant, you can delete deliver.db
> after every testemail
> Quoting Mike Eggleston <mikeegg1 at>:
> >On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Michael Menge might have said:
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>testing vacation scripts is alway a bit tricky. Cyrus will only send a
> >>vacation email to an adress if this address has not recieved an
> >>vacation messages from the user withhin ':days' days. You have to use
> >>an new email addres to test the vacation or delete the deliver.db.
> >>
> >>You must have an running MTA for your vacation message to be send out.
> >
> >No worries on the MTA. Is there a way to remove items from deliver.db
> >so I can test more often than once per day?
> >
> >Mike

Can I delete deliver.db while cyrus is running or must I stop the server,
delete the file, then start the server again?


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