could not fetch new headers

Philippe Trolliet philippe.trolliet at
Wed Aug 22 05:48:57 EDT 2007

i have a strange problem with the inbox of one user.
i´m using outlook 2000 as mail client. i created an imap connection to see
what happens.
the reason to test the account over imap was that the user had 2 passwords
with an '&'-sign and could login with both of them over horde (just one is
allowed). but that´s another problem that will go to the horde list. to
exclude this problem i changed the password of the user to a password
without any special characters.
i created an imap-account in outlook and used an encrypted connection (port
993). this works for all my other accounts except for this "special"
user-account. when i try to check mail on this account i get the following
error message in outlook:

Could not fetch new headers in the inbox for <account>. An unknown error has
occured. Please save any existing work and restart the program.

i don´t know what the problem is. any other account works fine with these


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