Mail was delivered after two months

Wesley Craig wes at
Wed Aug 15 14:37:15 EDT 2007

Under some conditions, I've seen Cyrus deliver hang.  This is  
probably a bug in the various Cyrus delivery & LMTP programs, tho  
I've not gone looking.  Ideally, every step of delivery, from the MTA  
through final delivery would have timeouts to detect this sorts of  
hanging bugs.  When both the MTA and Cyrus fails to detect a hang,  
mail can be held for a long time.

To prevent this particular problem, I would recommend running  
something that looks for processes that ought to be move or less  
transient taking a long time.  It ought to be harmless to kill those  
hung processes, and once they are dead and locks will be released and  
the MTA can retry.


On 15 Aug 2007, at 09:21, Stefan Fricke wrote:
> I'm running a small mailserver with some 500 mails per day. On the  
> same
> machine is running Postfis as mail server and a web server. Now a mail
> generated by a web application was sent to an cyrus account on this  
> machine.
> According to the headers it was handed over from Postfix to Cyrus  
> on 13th
> June. Now the recipient claims that he has got the mail yesterday  
> though he
> is checking his mail frequently. This I can confirm from the log  
> files.
> But why did this happen? Where was the mail stored during these two  
> months?
> Why was it delivered just yesterday? How can I avoid this this  
> happens again?
> I didn't find any information about this in the log files.

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