SQUAT config

brian cyruslist at subtropolix.org
Tue Aug 14 21:26:50 EDT 2007

I'd like to index my mailboxes using squatter and have a couple of 

The squatter man page reports that configuration can be placed in 
imapd.conf but says nothing about the syntax. I checked the man page for 
imapd.conf but found nothing. So, what does it want to see?

Also, do i need to list every mailbox when i invoke squatter?

   squatter [ -C config-file ] [ -r ] [ -s ] [ -a ] [ -v ] mailbox...

That would seem especially cumbersome if placed in cyrus.conf as an 
event. Is there some way to tell it to just do them all? I saw that i 
can give it -r for recursive, but i'd like it to just run on every 
mailbox under /var/spool/imap.

Speaking of cyrus.conf, the squatter man page suggests listing it as an 
EVENT "[f]or large and active mailboxes". I'm wondering what the 
definition of large and active might be.

Last question: i'm really not sure i understand what the benefit of 
having a SQUAT index is (aside from avoiding seeing "SQUAT failed to 
open index file" in the log). I mean, i get that it makes searching 
faster. But does this have to do with, let's say, clicking on a mailbox 
folder in a GUI client (eg. thunderbird)? Does that cause it to make an 
IMAP SEARCH call? Or is this something else, entirely?


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