virtual domain mailbox cross contamination

Adam D emlists at
Fri Aug 10 21:50:12 EDT 2007

I am getting cross contamination with mail delivery in cyrus with
virtual domains.

Mail sent to user at domain2.tld is sent to user at domain1.tld.
The 'user' being the same name but different domain names.
I am looking to have the same user name but different domains.  Right
now all mail going to user at domain2.tld I am finding in the INBOX to
user at domain1.tld

I am just about done setting the server up with virtual domains.
Here is part of my config file:

#  Extras
allowusermoves: 1
defaultacl: anyone lrs

servername:  domain1.tld
quotawarn: 90
sharedprefix: shared
userprefix: users

# Virtual Domains
defaultdomain: domain1.tld
virtdomains: userid
loginrealms: domain2.tld domain3.tld domain4.tld

I have created user mailboxes with cryadm : cm user/user1 at domain2.tld

Any extra pair of eyes would be very helpful at this point.


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