Replication to more than one replica?

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Aug 10 00:06:46 EDT 2007

> Disagree.  I am replicating one server to two and have been doing it for 
> quite
> a while with cyrus 2.3.

Can you explain how you're doing this? If you're just running multiple 
sync_clients with different config files that point to different replica 
servers, then what you've got is broken because each sync_client will be 
randomly grabbing different log files, so each replica will be only getting 
half the required updates and will at any moment be randomly out of sync 
with the master.

The only way you can reliably make this work is.

1. Write a process that that like sync_client, regularly grabs and 
atomically rotates the log files in the conf/log directory
2. That process then either:
a) puts two copies of the log file in separate directories, and you have two 
separate sync_client processes running in rolling mode picking up the files 
in those directories, each sync_client with a different config file pointing 
to the two different replica servers
b) it runs a sync_client -f on the file twice, but with separate config 
filess to each of the two different replica servers


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