Import Mailboxes from "." to "/" unixhiersep

jc.duss59 at jc.duss59 at
Wed Aug 8 05:40:07 EDT 2007

Hy all,

I plan to transfer my old Cyrus server (2.1) to a brand fresh
installed one on 2.3.8.

I have Imap Mailboxes on the old server with unixhiersep set
to no to the new one with unixhiersep set to yes (to enable my
new server to use composed login with dot).

For exemples, on the old server i get using lm :
user.toto (\HasChildren)
user.toto.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user.toto.Sent (\HasNoChildren)

On the new one, I wish to convert it to :
user/toto (\HasChildren)
user/toto/Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user/toto/Sent (\HasNoChildren)

How can i reimport and convert the mailboxes?

Thanks a lot!

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