Odd mailbox xfer result

Robert Banz banz at umbc.edu
Tue Aug 7 19:57:56 EDT 2007


I've got a 'traditional' Cyrus cluster, 2.3.8 running on Solaris  
x86.  Everything seems to be fine, and we're about to go "live" and  
in production... however...

Earlier today I was testing how well transferring my rather massive  
personal folder hierarchy from one backend server to another -- which  
sent apparently without a hitch.  Quite fast, I might add.  However,  
after the move I noticed my sieve rules weren't working -- and when I  
connected up with 'sieveshell' to have a look-see at my script, I was  
surprised to find my sieve script turned out to be an actual mail  

So, anyone seen anything like this before?  I did some looking around  
on bugzilla, and nothing jumped out at me.


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