OT: Cyrus IMAP Interacting with Thunderbird 2.0

Frédéric BRIAND fredbriand at blueboxstudio.net
Sat Apr 28 13:09:48 EDT 2007

I've made a fresh install on a brand new centos 5 server last week, and
upgraded thunderbird to release 2.0.0 on linux (Fedora 6) and windows XP
clients and everything is fine.

You are right though with the delete icon in the tool bar. Yet it seems
to be a problem with the way thunderbird refreshes this icon. This is
one test I have done:
- create a "test" folder in the inbox (with thunderbird) so that you get
several folders (Drafts, Templates, Sent, Trash, Junk,...test...);
- highlight one of the emails in the inbox: the delete icon gets red;
- click the junk mailbox, the delete icon gets disactivated -> good;
- click the test mailbox; the delete icon remains disactivated -> not good;
- re-highlight the email in the inbox, the delete icon gets red;
- click the test mailbox, the delete icon _remains_ red ->good;
- click the templates mailbox, the delete icon gets disactivated -> good

So I'd say it's a thunderbird problem. When the delete icon is red you
can of course delete the test mailbox. The way it behaves is quite queer!

As a matter of fact there is no problem with the contextual menu, as far
as I can see.


Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> This is slightly off-topic; however, I've been referred here because the
> behavior we're seeing is unexplainable (as of yet).
> =

> I have Cyrus 2.3.8 on FreeBSD_6.1, and on a couple of Linux systems
> (Fedora Core 6).
> =

> When I update to Thunderbird 2.0, the delete button and menu function is
> disabled for the account that is on FreeBSD.
> =

> When I remain with or downgrade to Thunderbird 1.5, it is fine.
> =

> I posted a message to the Thunderbird forums and I'll continue to pursue
> it, perhaps by debugging, etc.
> However, I wanted to ask here to see if anyone might have a clue about
> why this happens.   It's not due to anything theme-orientated, or
> plugins.   (yes, I've done fresh installs in other locations, and get
> the same result).
> =

> The client machines are Windows (XP and Vista).
> =

> It's been suggested that there may be something different about Cyrus in
> the IMAP command sequence - but that seems very vague.  I don't see why
> it shouldn't just work.  I can try recompiling the FreeBSD port and see
> if that resolves it.  I'm sure my libraries are up-to-date, and
> certainly if there were problems I would have seen it by now with other
> functions.
> =

> =

> =

> =

> Thank you.
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