Sieve vacation message corrupting database?

Jorey Bump list at
Fri Apr 27 11:46:02 EDT 2007

E.H.Eefting wrote:

> The sieve script:
>     require "vacation";
>     vacation "phatte test";
>     vacation :addresses "test at" "phatte test";
> We've been using cyrus-imap for years on many server in a similar setup and never had anyproblems. However, this is the first time we start using sieve.
> I dont need help with restoring the database, i just want to find how what causes the corruption and if any other people are using vacation messages with succes.

I can only answer your last question, being new to sieve myself. Here is 
  the script I use without any problems:

require "vacation";

vacation :addresses
   [ "jorey at", "jorey.bump at" ]
   Sorry, I am away. I will attend to your request upon my return.

I can't explain any of it to you, but it's quite different than your 
example (note the closing punctuation of the text). There are probably 
legal variations, but this works, so give it a try.

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