Restrictive access to some users

Dmitriy Kirhlarov dkirhlarov at
Thu Apr 26 04:07:20 EDT 2007

On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 12:14:13PM +0530, ram wrote:

> On our cyrus server some users need access from office as well as from
> outside our LAN. So we nat the imap port on our firewall and people are
> able to access 
> But Contract employees need not access mails from outside the office.
> How can I allow access for such users only from the office

Cyrus imapd doesn't have source ip filter feature, afaik and support
only one authorization group (ldap_filter).
With this reason you have to use some tric.

You need to configure two access groups and two cyrus servers (with
replication or murder configuration) and use different groups on this
Possible, some imap proxy can be configured for using second group.


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