Re: how to enable digestmd5 and crammd5 ? [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser hans.moser at
Wed Apr 25 05:59:29 EDT 2007


JOYDEEP schrieb:

> I am using cyrus with ldap basded authentication. I am usin PLAIN and
> LOGIN mechanism in /etc/imapd.conf.
> How can I enable digestmd5 and crammd5 now ?
Shared secret mechs in SASL2 are only available with sasldb or ldapdb 
(do I forget any?) not with saslauthd.
So if you want ldap (with is possible with saslauthd, probably you do 
that) _and_ shared secret mechs, you should go with ldapdb. It is 
available from SASL 2.1.21 and above.
I think, I posted an example conf here a while ago.

Shared secret mechs need an unencrypted password to build and check the 
challenge. So you need unencrypted passwords in ldap, which is not a 
problem at all with proper acls.


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