I have a domain with MX now, how to use it ?

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On 24.04.2007, at 13:36, JOYDEEP wrote:

> Mogens Melander wrote:
>> On Tue, April 24, 2007 08:07, JOYDEEP wrote:
>>> dear list,
>>> I have a domain where I can configure MX record :-)
>>> Say it is example.com
>>> I have 2 question here.
>> Man, you need to read some documentation :^)
I agree.

>>> 1)  what should be the entries in /etc/imapd.conf  file to  
>>> receive mail
>>> via example.com to user at hosteurope.de
>> Nothing to configure in imapd.conf, it's in your MTA.
>>> 2)  what should be the MX record of example.com
>> the server at hosteurope.de must know it's suposed to accept mail for
>> SOA example.com. bla, bla
>> @   MX 10 mx0.hosteurope.de.
> Thanks for the configuration but I can't do anything with  
> hosteurope.de.
> So I have given a new domain where I can access its MX
> I am really confused :-( could any one kindly guide ?

Maybe start reading a book on the topic of mailservers. It's _really_  
dangerous to mess with a mailserver without knowing what it does. Do  
a test setup that isn't connected to the public internet and do the  
"learning by doing" there.
If you don't know how the setup has to be done correctly, you'll end  
up having a useless system that is prone to sending spam and  
forwarding other kinds of malware.

As of software: cyrus is just a system that stores and servers mail  
that has already been appropriately managed by a mail transfer agent  
(MTA). You'll need a software here - there are lots of good programs  
(Exim, qmail, postfix, sendmail, just to name four of them). For a  
beginner I'd recommend postfix on linux, all the others are very  
good, too, but much more difficult to set up.

If you're a client of Hosteurope, you coudl also consider using a  
managed service, they will do everything for you. It's a lot of  
money, but it's more expensive if you fail to do it yourself.

If you just want to forward one address, use a provider's mailserver.  
E.g. if you registered the domain with Host Europe, use a webpack.  
You don't need a VPS or dedicated server. Virtually any ISP will  
provide you with mailservices, so ask your provider about that.

Cyrus is not the software for you if you don't want to server  
mailboxes in a bigger scale.


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