lmtpd -a and unified murder

Janne Peltonen janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi
Tue Apr 24 10:10:37 EDT 2007


I've configured a unified murder, and if I try to run lmtpd
pre-authenticated (with the -a option), I can deliver mail to the
'local' backend, but proxying doesn't work: the lmtpd that acts as the
proxy decides that the remote lmtpd that says 'AUTH EXTERNAL' has no
valid authentication mechanisms available and gives up. So. Is there a
way to configure lmtpd so that it won't expect being able to
authenticate to the remote backend (sic) and just proxies through
everything it gets?

Thank you.

Janne Peltonen <janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi>

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