how to run sieve scripts?

Andy Howell AndyHowell at
Sun Apr 22 14:49:21 EDT 2007

Andrew Morgan wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Andy Howell wrote:
> I have no idea how it works in Thunderbird.  When you are using 
> sieveshell, you upload the script and then "activate" it.  The activation 
> step creates a symlink from defaultbc to your script, marking it as the 
> script in use.  With sieveshell you can upload multiple scripts and switch 
> between them using activate.

Rudy Gevaert wrote:
 > You have to make it active.  I'm using the extension too.

Andy & Rudy,

	Thanks. Activate did the trick. I wanted to white-list my son's email 
and forward unknown ones to me. My little test script works fine.

At some point I want to move my mail to imap and have sieve do all the 
filtering. I've got 180+ filters in Thunderbird; many more than I want 
to convert by hand. The Thunderbird filter file, msgFilterRules.dat, 
looks pretty straight forward. Maybe I can write a script to convert them.



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