RTCyrus3 - sendmail and cyrus-imap integration

Lenny rahl at mindcryme.com
Fri Apr 20 10:54:21 EDT 2007

Hi Andrzej,

It's great to see you still working on this.

Currently we are using a murder setup, with virtual domains and
socketmap for user checking. We are using version 2 of your
sendmail/cyrus integration.

I've setup this version 3 with slight modification. My virtual hosts are
stored in LDAP, for example, so I've changed the define in sendmail.mc to:


(with the appropriate LDAP entries and config in sendmail.mc).

So I have version 3 working, and everything seems to be fine.

I am wondering if there's any reason to switch from version 2 to version
3? Is there a benefit I'm not seeing?

Also, is there no way of making the over quota message something other
than "User unknown" or would that have to be handled in cyrus source?



Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
> I would like to announce new version of RTCyrus recipes for Sendmail and
> Cyrus IMAP integration.
> RTCyrus3 has been designed for easy integration of sendmail with virtual
> domains provided by Cyrus IMAP. It includes support for aliases.
> http://anfi.homeunix.net/sendmail/rtcyrus3.html

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