How many copies of the mupdate master should run?

Eric Luyten Eric.Luyten at
Fri Apr 20 04:53:25 EDT 2007

> On our mupdate master server, mupdate is defined in cyrus.conf with
> `prefork=1'.  However, two of them are running, both children of
> master...
>        UID   PID  PPID   C    STIME TTY         TIME CMD
>      cyrus  1594   483   0   Apr 15 ?           0:00 mupdate -C /etc/mupdate/imapd.conf -m
>      cyrus  1596   483   0   Apr 15 ?          22:18 mupdate -C /etc/mupdate/imapd.conf -m
> The second one seems to be doing all the work.  What's the first one for?

Probably related to the preforking mechanism.  One can
reproduce the behaviour with the pop3 and imap service 
daemons.  Ours is Cyrus 2.2.13 on Solaris 9.

  prefork=2 causes 4 instances to be started,
  prefork=5 produces 10 instances of a service daemon


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