cyrus autorization identifier trick

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Apr 19 16:32:09 EDT 2007

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Nestor A. Diaz wrote:

> Hello cyrus people.
> Following your cyrus recomendations for a 15K users mailstore, i have a new 
> requeriment, we will like some administrators to login to any mailbox in 
> order to check the successfull delivery of some emails, without having to 
> login into each account with the associated login and password, i explain:
> i use cyrus virtual domains system,a user log in using this user id and 
> password:
> user at
> userpassword
> but i will like to make some trick for a user to login into a mailbox, using 
> the followin schema:
> user:admin at
> adminpassword
> the idea is that based on username (user:admin), the system notice that the 
> user login is 'admin' and that he wants to see 'user' mailbox.
> is something like this possible ? i have read something related under 
> but i still don't 
> see the way to do this, because auxprop pluing only returns the password 
> asociated with an account, but how can i make cyrus to know that 'user:admin' 
> refers to 'user' mailbox ?

Easy.  When you want to look at another user's mail, just modify the 
permissions on their mailbox.  You can do this with cyradm like so:

   sam adminuser all

We use a perl script that does this recursively for each folder that 
belongs to a specify user, and a second script that recursively removes 
the permission when we are finished.

After granting these permissions, you'll see the user's mailbox in your 
IMAP namespace as "Other".


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