Aliases in Cyrus ?

daniel.sipasseuth at daniel.sipasseuth at
Fri Apr 13 03:59:39 EDT 2007


I've been trying to set up a simple Cyrus IMAP server.
I'm using saslauthd for autentification.
Everything seems to work fine.
I just have a little problem with imap when i use telnet.

* OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4 IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ ID] pyxq38 Cyrus IMAP4 v2.3.8
server ready

If everything was ok, it should be a '+' instead of a '*'. I didn't find
anything in logs. just logins attemps.

This was the little problem. Now, my big problem.

The LDAP have user names like uidXXX, where XXX are numbers.
Autentification is OK, work really well. but having mailbox like
uidXXX at is not really what i want.

Is there a way to bind a uid to a mailbox ? using my uid to log in, but
using myname at to send/receive mail.


Daniel Sipasseuth
daniel.sipasseuth at

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