Recomendations for a 15000 Cyrus Mailboxes

Timo Schoeler tschoeler at
Tue Apr 10 15:23:43 EDT 2007

> ; Best: ZFS on Solaris ;)
> Or now on MacOSX (Leopard) or on FreeBSD (7.0)!

both are not officially supported; ZFS support on FreeBSD is experimental.
furthermore, as a (not only, but also) Mac user for more than 15 years who
dropped use of Apple products entirely in 2005 (yes, there were good
reasons) I may also say that Mac OS X is not a server grade OS. it has
rediculous scalability problems and features a kernel technique that was
abandoned even when its predecessor (NeXTSTEP) was released. see the

> (although Solaris is likely to remain the most stable implementation for
> the moment)

and will be in future; it's the same with XFS, JFS et al. support on
GNU/Linux -- 'not invented here' (and one can see it quite well)...

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