Recomendations for a 15000 Cyrus Mailboxes

Nestor A. Diaz nestor at
Tue Apr 10 07:56:43 EDT 2007

Hello People,

I am a proud cyrus user and fan, right know i need o implement a 15K 
users cyrus mailstore, since i have been using cyrus for an average  400 
users mailstore, i will like to hear comments for setting up a cyrus for 
a 15K users.

I currently have a  ' postfix / postgresql / cyrus-sasl / cyrus ' 
production server working for more than two years without problems, and 
i am going to replicate the same configuracion, however since i am going 
to have a  huge  space  for mail  and people are going to use a lot of 
space, aprox. 50 MB per user, i will like to hear some comments about 
what should be the best  (cyrus / pop3 / imapd) configuration, i have 
read on the mail list some configuration that use, including 
pop3, imap proxies and multiple instances of cyrus, but i like to see 
more comments about that.

These are the plans: (comments on every number will be apreciated)

   1. Linux LVM over a 600 GB RAID 10 ( 4 x 300 GB)
   2. Which filesystem seems to be the better ? ext3 ? xfs ? reiserfs ?
   3. Which options to format the filesystem ? acording to the chosed
   4. Which pop3 / imap proxy to use ?
   5. Single instance or multiple instances of cyrus ? taking in mind
      that there should be the option to recover a mailbox or some mail
      of a mailbox without having to shut down the whole cyrus system.
   6. Best way to perform backups ? LVM snapshots ? shutting down some
      cyrus partitions ? RAID10 hot swap ?
   7. Any other suggestion will be welcome.

Thanks a lot !!


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