Bare newlines problem

Jorey Bump list at
Wed Apr 4 09:15:51 EDT 2007

Paul van der Vlis wrote:

>>> It's a big message with foto's, 3.5 MB. I am not sure this warning is
>>> correct.
> I hope somebody can tell me how I can remove the bare newline(s) in the
> message.

I've had to deal with this issue when moving such a message between 
accounts, in my case from a UW-IMAP server using mbx to a Cyrus 2.3 
server. While forwarding the message usually works, it's inelegant. 
Oddly, I've found that simply copying it to temporary folder on the 
UW-IMAP server before copying it to Cyrus is often all that's needed for 
the operation to be successful. YMMV.

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