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For what it's worth, we've been doing a reconstruct on the entire 
mailstore every night for the better part of a year, without ever 
shutting down cyrus.  The reason is that we do a Trend Micro scan of the 
mailstore nightly - a couple of times a month that catches a virus which 
wasn't caught as the mail arrived (probably because of updated virus 
definitions).  Anyway, whenever Trend quarantines a message then that 
folder is corrupted, and the reconstruct fixes that.  Hasn't caused 

That doesn't mean it's the smart thing to do, of course...

Cyrus is running on Fedora Core 3 linux.  Mailstore is 17Gb.

Daniel Eckl wrote:
> Steve Huston wrote:
>> On 9/21/06 5:04 AM, Daniel Eckl wrote:
>>> Hmmm yes, I want to second that. I have often restored accidentally
>>> deleted mail folders from tape, copied them back into the mailbox
>>> structure and reconstructed the folder. I never had any issue with that...
> [...]
>> And since I can't tell from the filenames what a certain email contains,
>> the end user can go through the new folder of however-many-hundred-mails
>> to pick out the few they want, move them to where they want them, then
>> delete the rest of the folder at their leisure.
> Yes, that's my preferred way also. Just restore a complete folder, name
> it e.g. "RESTORED" or similar, put it in the mailbox root and make a
> reconstruct online. Then th euser can decide what to do with it.
> I think as well that this should be safe. Sounds very logically.
> Best,
> Daniel
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