RE: Howto migrate from postfix-cyrus to Exchange [auf Viren überprüft]

Sarah Walters s.walters at
Wed Sep 20 19:58:53 EDT 2006

> > we are going to migrate (most likely) to Exchange and the 
> main reason 
> > are the shared calendars, resource booking, connections to 
> pal, mobile 
> > devices...and JAVA APIS to integrate this system to our ERP.
> > 
> > So, someone has another idea?
> ->
> ->
> > can you tell me the procedure to migrate the postfix accounts and 
> > mailboxes to exchange?
> Wrong direction! Go back! :-)

If they're a primarily Microsoft Windows environment Exchange isn't a bad solution, even if it is hideous ;)

I would temporarily override everyone's Cyrus password and then use an IMAP synchronisation solution. There are several options out there, and I've written another in Python if you don't like any of them (just email me for the code, but I won't guarantee that it will work). To override the passwords, change your authentication to use sasldb2, then for every user just set it to some random but known value in the database and synchronise to Exchange over IMAP (you will need to know the destination passwords as well). Alternatively you could do the migration as an admin user on both servers, just give your admin account permission to read the mailboxes.

To do a user-by-user migration, which is probably a good idea as you can then support them user-by-user, use aliases to forward mail from address at cyrus.server to newaddress at exchange.server. Once all the users are over you can move the MXes to point to the Exchange server and take your old server out of commission. Start with a pilot of (say) 20 users on Exchange, probably management since I daresay they're pushing this. Once they are happy, migrate other users a batch at a time until you are done. If it's a large site I would do a department a day. For a small site, perhaps 10 people per hour so you can deal with all the "how do I do THIS" issues.

I hope that helps.

Sarah Walters

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