Sendmail and Cyrus Virtual Domains

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Wed Sep 20 10:12:25 EDT 2006

AJ <aj at> writes:

> Sorry for the cross post, but I think this is the proper list for this
> question as opposed to info-sasl.
> I cannot get sendmail to deliver to a cyrus inbox with virtual
> domains.  I created mailboxes for john.smith at, but if I try
> to deliver it via sendmail, it comes back as a user unknown.  I have
> patched it with the Realtime Sendmail Integration as listed on the
> cyrus
> web site.  I get no errors in the maillog.
> Any ideas what I am missing here?
> Here is my file:
> [...]
> # Cyrus stuff
> FEATURE(`mrs')dnl
> FEATURE(`mrs_cyrus')dnl
> [...]

Standard set of warm-up cheks:
a) Have you pathed cf/m4/proto.m4? [required for FEATURE(`mrs') to work]
b) Have you copied mrs.m4 and mrs_cyrus.m4 files to cf/features file
c) Have you replaced cf/mailer/cyrusv2.m4 file with modified version?

If the above checks fail then check output of  the test command below:

echo '3,0 existing-user at cyrus-virtual-domain' | sendmail -d21.12 -d60.5 -bt

-d60.5  - trace map lookups
-d21.12 - detailed trace of processing

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