Migrating from UW: Mailbox does not exist

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Mon Sep 18 16:41:43 EDT 2006

I just used imapsync to migrate some accounts from a UW server to Cyrus 
IMAP. Things went fairly smoothly, except when encountering parent 
directories that contained mboxes:

  From Folder mail/archive/reports : Could not select 2314
  NO SELECT failed: Can't open mail/archive/reports:
  not a selectable mailbox

When checked after migration with cyradm, I get:

  localhost> lam user.jorey.archive.reports
  Mailbox does not exist

But the subfolders were transferred properly:

  localhost> lam user.jorey.archive.reports.mail
  jorey lrswipkxtecda

I can fix the parent with cyradm by creating it:

  localhost> cm user.jorey.archive.reports

And now it behaves properly in my client, allowing messages to be stored 
alongside subfolders.

I have another server to migrate, and would like these subdirectories to 
be recreated properly during the process, as there are many more 
accounts to move. Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution? 
I couldn't identify an option in the imapsync documentation or any way 
to apply this recursively to Cyrus mailboxes after migration. Any tips 
are welcome.

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