Integrted tool for adminstering Cyrus IMAP and LDAP.

Rafael Alcalde ralcalde at
Mon Sep 18 14:44:29 EDT 2006

Suse (NOVELL) give up SLOX, there is no new releases for a year, and now 
the only way is to migrate to OX. But, it still have not a development 
environment, connectors to other systems like outlook or palm..., and 
there are a lot of requirements a company need that OX does not provide.

Perhaps OX can solve the problem in a little company for a while, but 
when you have several offices with a lot of resources to share, a lot of 
people with email accounts to administer... it is a heavy work of 
administration so OX became part of the problem.
Then you start to evaluate commercial software, easy to install, to 
administer... that let you grow... and think the way to get the money... ;)

Rudy Gevaert wrote:
> Rafael Alcalde wrote:
>> We have SLOX but this a dead end way.
> Why?  Could you explain that a bit more in depth? :)
> Thanks!

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