Backing up of a group of users mailboxes

Ciprian Vizitiu cvizitiu at
Fri Sep 15 03:23:27 EDT 2006

> Subject: Re: Backing up of a group of users mailboxes
> > Hi,
> >
> > What is the correct way to backup a couple of users'
> > mailboxes?  [...]
> If you have configured single instance store, Cyrus will 
> hardlink those files. Now when you backup using tar, [...]

If it's only a few users why not have them use the MUA? In Outlook one can
create local (read: on the hdd) .pst files as exports of an IMAP folder. I
think in Mozilla Thunderbird one can also "drag/drop" messages from IMAP to
"Local Folders". Only catch is of course the fact that you'll have to use
the same type of MUA to read the archives; Modern Outlook (2003 at least)
can open Outlook 98 .pst files without any problems...

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