experience report / upgrading to cyrus-imapd 2.3

Andreas S. Kerber ask at andreas.kerber.name
Thu Sep 14 11:45:53 EDT 2006


currently we have a murder with 2 frontends, 3 backends and mupdate
running on one of the backends (all running cyrus-imapd 2.1.x).

Today I've added a new backend which is running 2.3.7 and it went suprisingly
well. Moving mailboxes between the old and the new backends, lmtp delivery, imap
and pop3 access worked immediatly and without any problems.

The only problems I've found so far are these:

- "kick_mupdate: can't connect to target: No such file or directory" messages in the
logfile whenever one enteres a mailbox with imap (not when using pop3).

- the transfered sieve script did not work reliable (sieve runtime error for .*: Not a bytecode file). uploading it again fixed this.

- deletion of messages via imap does not work through the old frontends, possibly due to the
new ACL code in 2.3 which offers separate rights for message delete, mailbox delete, and expunge.
The only way to fix this seems upgrading the frontends as well. Can anyone confirm this
or has another idea how to fix this?

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