performance issue (imap spool on san)

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Mon Sep 11 08:14:21 EDT 2006

As Mulberry is released freely now I tried it and I have to say, that
neither configuration nor usage is intuitive in any way. I needed
several tries to configure it for IMAPS and Auth'ed SMTPS. I really
cannot use it, I have to search too long for every function and most are
located that illogically, that I seem to be unable to remember them.

And it misses a lot of features I use every day. Virtual folders, inline
attachments (jpegs for example), forwarding emails attached, view
attached emails, Drag and Drop support and so on and so forth.

And a thunderbird with cached headers is multiple times faster in
resorting and scrolling, not only over 3 MBit DSL Line, but even over
LAN. It's fine that mulberry doesn't need to cache headers, but why
isn't it able to do so? Loading on demand and then caching it would be
the best of both worlds.

So just implementing every IMAP feature available might be the best
thing for the server and the protocol, but not for the user. You need a
intuitive interface and nowadays it really has to look nice, too if a
non-geek should use it. And to be honest, mulberry simply looks horrible...

But it's nice, that everyone who doesn't care about looking and
usability now has a suitable free IMAP client availiable.


Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> Hi,
> let me start by saying that I'm basically always on high-speed Internet
> connections and keep my mailboxes relatively small. So I haven't had bad
> experiences with Thunderbird in that regard. I still don't use it, but
> that's not the issue here.
> -- Daniel Eckl <deckl at> is rumored to have mumbled on 26. Juli
> 2006 21:31:40 +0200 regarding Re: performance issue (imap spool on san):
>> In a graphical client you want to be able to scroll through your whole
>> message list without any delay. So I think there is no other chance but
>> caching all header information of a folder. On low bandwith situations
>> it seems to be impossible for me to do this on demand only.
> Well, you don't know Mulberry then. It has a GUI and is very adaptable
> to any kind of network situation and it doesn't cache anything! You do
> have to tweak it, however. It doesn't auto-configure, but there are
> *many* settings to play around with. Obviously that's both a blessing
> and a curse.
>> I was searching for a full featured graphical IMAP client for a long
>> time and tried everything and I have to say: Not only is thunderbird an
>> IMAP client, it is the best graphical IMAP client I could find in the
>> whole Linux and Windows world.
> Unfortunately that's not saying much ... it's just too bad that the only
> decent IMAP GUI client isn't developed further. I have hopes for
> Thunderbird 2, but I have a feeling that I will continue to use Mulberry
> for a long time ...
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