Batch mailbox creation

Superbiji superbiji at
Thu Sep 7 07:40:11 EDT 2006

try using spreadsheet tool like openoffice to generate script

On 9/7/06, Anders Norrbring <lists at> wrote:
> I know, this has been up quite some times, and I've seen quite a few
> small scripts and things to do batch creation of mailboxes, but just not
> the variant I need ATM.
> So, can somebody please help me out? I'm not really good at scripting,
> and definately not in perl.
> What I need to do is to create a 'SPAM' subfolder to ALL the existing
> inboxes on the server (3500+ boxes). It should also set the ACLs to
> allow anything to user 'cyrus', 'p' to 'anyone' and everything but
> delete the mailbox to the user owning the inbox.

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