SMS - notification

Vladimir Dvorak dvorakv at
Thu Sep 7 03:08:30 EDT 2006

Hello List, Hello to all, 

my question is simple as written in $SUBJECT$. ;-) I found non-working
sending notifications via SMS. 

Im using 

cyrus-imapd-2.3.7   The cyrus mail server, supporting POP3 and IMAP4

on FreeBSD 6.0 and my customers much more often cry: "why your services
are not enriched with SMS notification feature ???" :-) 

Well, I uncommented 

 notify        cmd="notifyd" listen="/var/imap/socket/notify"
proto="udp" prefork=1

in /usr/local/etc/cyrus.conf and also add to imapd.conf

sievenotifier: notifyd  # here Im not sure if notifyd parameter is ok

I use SquirrelMail with AvelSieve plugin to edit rules.

Could anybody be so kind and give me some hint or advice where should i
look for help ? 

Thank you very much !

Vladimir Dvorak

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