sieve doesn't work [auf Viren überprüft]

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Sep 6 16:44:44 EDT 2006

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Martin G.H. Minkler wrote:

> Martin G.H. Minkler wrote:
>> There will only be connections from localhost (as You can see in my
>> config, sieve only listens to localhost) since if there will ever be a
>> websieve or the like, it's going to run on the same machine.
>>> In you first post I can't see information about "sasl" and/or "STARTTLS"
>> You are absolutely right, I do not get any sasl-methods and/or STARTTLS.
>> I did use to get STARTTLS until I disabled it via the certificate-line.
>> This just brings up more questions - how to I even enable sasl for sieve?
>> Or is it enabled but not announced?
>>  From configuring postfix I know You can configure the MTA to only announce 
>> SASL after STARTTLS but this probably isn't the case here?
>> If I can provide any more information, please let me know.
> Nobody any ideas? Am I the only one on debian sarge who's sieve doesn't offer 
> SASL login w/o TLS and sieve_sasl_minimum_layer=0?
> Or is the option maybe called sasl_minimum_layer_sieve?
> Is there any documentation on the sasl-options in imapd.conf?
> I read the man pages for timsieved, cyrmaster and imapd.conf but didn't find 
> anything useful.

I run Cyrus on Debain Sarge.  I use the Debian packages for the sasl 
libraries and modules, but I compile cyrus-imapd from source.  The debian 
packages I have installed are:

ii  libsasl2       2.1.19-1.5sarg Authentication abstraction library
ii  libsasl2-dev   2.1.19-1.5sarg Development files for authentication abstrac
ii  libsasl2-modul 2.1.19-1.5sarg Pluggable Authentication Modules for SASL
ii  sasl2-bin      2.1.19-1.5sarg Programs for manipulating the SASL users dat

In my /etc/imapd.conf file, I have the following sasl-related settings:

allowplaintext: 1
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
sasl_minimum_layer: 0
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd


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