Cyrus deliver temporary failure (quota not full)

Hardi Gunawan hardigunawan at
Tue Sep 5 23:47:25 EDT 2006


Thank you for your answer.  However, I have a few
further questions about this.

--- Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at>

> On Tue, 05 Sep 2006, Hardi Gunawan wrote:
> > I tried to find out how to increase the log level
> for
> > cyrus' deliver, but I can't find one...
> Use LMTP, and tell postfix it can deliver as much as
> it want over the LMTP
> connection.

Is LMTP the preferred way?  I'm actually upgrading my
server and I thought that the old configuration can
work.  Well, it seems to work, but after some time I
notice the "temporary failure" errors.

> For deliver, tell postfix it can deliver to just
> *one* recipient at a time
> over that channel.

What is the effect of having cyrus deliver with no
"one" recipient at a time?  Will the email be lost?

Is the postfix "cyrus_destination_recipient_limit = 1"
the correct one to put, or it should be the

I've set the cyrus_destination_recipient_limit = 1 in
postfix, but now there're more "temporary failure",
although later on, I saw some of them being sent:

Sep  6 11:02:51 mail postfix/pipe[11409]: 17EA6A3CF:
to=<xxx at xxx.xx>, relay=cyrus, delay=1237, status=sent

Why is the temporary failure still there?

Thank you.

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