Recently-APPENDed messages not showing up as RECENT responses after NOOP

John J Lee jjl at
Sat Sep 2 13:44:53 EDT 2006

On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, John J Lee wrote:
> The problem occurs when SpamBayes (specifically, tries to 
> add an X-Spambayes-Classification header to emails it has classified, in 
> order to record whether it thought the mail was spam or not.  It does that by 

That's not quite right -- in fact, it adds a new message and deletes the 
old one whenever it wants to move oe modify a message, I think.  The 
add/delete operation might involve moving the mail to another mailbox, 
adding the spam classification header, adding a unique ID header for 
SpamBayes' internal use, etc.


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