No IMAP IDLE event for decreasing RECENT mail count?

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Tue May 30 05:03:50 EDT 2006


I am running cyrus v2.2.12 on SuSE 10.0 with IMAP IDLE extension.

Generally this works great, when new messages arrive (RECENT count
increases) or when messages get expunged, IMAP IDLE correctly notifies
the client.

But sadly, IMAP IDLE does not notify the client if RECENT count decreases.

Background is that I want to use an IDLE aware mail checker
(mail-notification, If this biff
tool sees new messages, it notifies correctly. But when I check mails
with my thunderbird, mail-notification is not being notified by IMAP
IDLE that now there are no recent mails anymore.

Only if a new mail arrives or if I delete a mail from the watched
mailbox, the client get's a notification from IMAP IDLE and updates to
the correct RECENT mail count.

The only other IMAP server (well, more or less *g*) where I could test
that, is dovecot.

If a second client selects a mailbox which is watched by another idling
client, Dovecot notified the idling client with:
* 1 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Recent))
The client then breaks idling and updates the status and everything
works fine.

I couldn't find anything how to achieve this in cyrus.

Does anyone has hints for me?


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