strange delays in connecting to POP3 server

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Tue May 30 04:20:28 EDT 2006

Hi Igor!

Sounds to me like a DNS timeout issue. You might want to check your
resolver configuration.

I don't understand the sentence "This delays appears accidentally,
without any system.". I hope this doesn't render my answer useless. :)


Igor Belikov schrieb am 30.05.2006 09:51:
> Hello info-cyrus,
>   I'm migrate mail server to new hardware under new OS. Migration was
>   from cyrus 2.2.12 + sasl 2.1.20 under SuSE Linux v9.1 (kernel
> to cyrus 2.3.3 + sasl 2.1.21 under SuSE Linux 10.0 OSS
>   (original kernel from SuSE).
>   In both cases cyrus compiled from sources, in both cases was applied
>   two patches (patch that allow to store crypted passwords and patch
>   that allow 8bit headers).
>   In new installation our clients notice large delays during
>   connection to POP3 server. This delays appears accidentally, without
>   any system.
>   Are anybody can help me deal with this problem?

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