Cyrus Patches used at FastMail.FM

Ken Murchison murch at
Sat May 27 09:37:02 EDT 2006

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> On Fri, 26 May 2006, Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Comments on the non-local ones:
>> - cyrus-8bit-2.3.3.diff
> As I said in my reply to the CVS commit (which I noticed before this mail),
> I am quite surprised by this patch being accepted.
> Was it not the position held by CMU in the last five years or so that one
> such patch would *have* do to it properly and re-encode the header to some
> default charset, in order not to corrupt the store with lack of charset
> information (for searches) ?

I decided that I don't care to fight the fight any longer.  If people 
want to continue to write/use crappy email clients that don't follow 
specs, that's fine by me.  If admins want to let non-compliant email 
messages into there store, they are now free to do so by disabling 

Let it be known that I (CMU) am not endorsing crappy/misconfigured 
clients and/or non-compliant messages, nor am I endorsing disabling 

I will add text to imapd.conf(5) that states that disabling munge8bit 
will most likely break SEARCH.

Henrique, do you recall if SEARCH dies, or just doesn't get any useful 
hits on non-tagged 8-bit headers?

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Project Cyrus Developer/Maintainer
Carnegie Mellon University

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