Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.4 Released

Robert Mueller robm at
Thu May 25 06:00:29 EDT 2006

>> Is this a good spot to suggest branching from the last stable release
>> (2.3.3 in this case) and just applying the bugfixes if HEAD is only
>> half finished?
> 2.3 is beta branch. You want stable you go for 2.2.

Beta is may be, but still....

1. There's no regression testing with cyrus at all. I did try and start a 
cyrus regression test a while back (just a perl script to test basic IMAP 
functionality) but there wasn't really interest in taking it up. I still 
strongly believe that some form of basic regression test that is built up 
more and more over time is is important.
2. This bug is something that would have turned up with 5 minutes of basic 
functionality testing (copying a message from one folder to another is 
3. 2.3.3 was working really well, and has been working well for months. A 
serious security issue was found so 2.3.4 was released. 2.3.4 was totally 
4. The reason 2.3.4 was totally brokwn was because significant functionality 
was added from 2.3.3 -> 2.3.4 (CONDSTORE stuff). It's a hard compromise 
between releasing new features regularly and keeping a stable branch. Maybe 
we need a 2.3.x-rc1 type scheme before an official release so that the 
obvious things get caught before an actual point release? Or maybe a 
release for urgent security/minor bug fixes?

Just throwing things in the wind, seeing if anything sticks. Maybe this is 
just a more "one off" type situation, and a rethinking of release strategy 
is not needed.


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